Others things to see after temples


Angkor National Museum – During the Golden Era of Khmer Kingdom, one of the earliest civilizations of this world was being created. It is the origin of Khmerart, culture, and architecture. These great inventions became one of the few wonders of the world that still amaze people through out generations that still lays a great impact in present Cambodia society. Angkor National Museum takes pride in revealing the royal historical path of this Golden Era of Khmer Kingdom through the state of the art multimedia technology to provide visitors a full picturesque story of the legend in an easy understanding way.
Angkor National Museum will take its visitors through the journey back in time from the creation to the highest point of civilization. Through the use of interactive exhibits, visitors will develop a deeper understanding of customs, traditions and different beliefs of the ancient empire. A tour of the museum will be joyful for both visitors who have a good understanding of ancient Khmer civilization and visitors who do not have any previous knowledge of the ancient Khmer empire. All artifacts will be divided into 8 galleries in chronicle order of the evolution which are enhanced by a realistic atmosphere. Through out the whole experience Angkor National Museum will allow this legend to slowly reveal before your eyes. 12 USD / Pax BOOK HERE

Traditional Dance & Other Performance
Apsara Dance – is one of the many type of classical Cambodian traditional dance and “Royal Ballets”. Restaurants and hotels offer Apasara Dance Shows. Prices are vary and include dinner ( 11$ – 25 ++). Show in the hotels are a bit more expensive than outside restaurant. Here are our recommendation,  Angkor Village Apsara Theatre for 27USD/ Pax and Kulein 2 restaurant for 10USD/ Pax. BOOK HERE

Balloon Rides – Helium balloon ride 200 meters straight up for bird eye view of Angkor Wat, Phnom Bakheng, West Baray and other ruins amongst the surrounding jungle.( Road between Airport and Angkor ticket gate)

Helicopter Tour – offer helicopter tours of the temple area, Lake and others..  More

Countryside Tour – Take photo or love to see rice paddies, buffalos, stilted houses and little village(road from Siem Reap to the Tonle Sap lake and road from Siem Reap to Pouk District.) More

PHARE – Cambodian Circus – A unique show in Siem Reap, one of the must see More

Tonle Sap Lake Tour – 1 to 2 hour boat trip through fishing villages and the surrounding submerged forest. Also to Gecko Environment Center and Fish Farms. There are several villages with different living style and environment. Very interesting tour and one of the must see for the Cambodia’s great lake.  Enquire Here

Prek Toal ‘Bird Sanctuary’ tour for Bird lovers, home of 129 water bird species and from January through June is a breeding ground for dozens of species including storks, ibises, cormorants, pelicans and adjuncts. One-day tours to Prek Toal introduces the flooded forest, the unique bird life, fishing and the traditional life. Enquire Here

Cambodian Cultural Village – is intended to introduce Cambodian culture, history and Cambodia landmarks. There is wax museum exhibits on wildlife, ancient jewelry and waxed figures. Inside village created with Cambodian architectural, ethnic villages, pagoda, mosque, Chinese temple, Phnom Penh’s Central Market, National Museum, Royal Palace and more. Also play traditional dance performances and music on Sat, Sun. $12 Admission Fee BOOK HERE


Mine Museum – is the creation of Mr. Aki Ra. It contains a variety of defused mines, bombs and other ordinance, as well as a mock minefield. The creator and proprietor of the museum, Akira, worked as a de-miner in recent years.

War museum – is open by the Ministry of Defense. It contains tanks, armored vehicles, anti-aircraft guns, artillery shells, mines, grenades and rocket launchers, uniforms, Khmer Rouge flags and so on. $3 Admission Fee

Wat Thmei (Killing Fields) – Not big as Phnom Penh but a memorial Stupa housing some skulls. Free Admission

Angkor Silk Farm – 16 km away from Siem Reap, Silk material factory, A creation place of start from worm to silk waving.

West Baray Lake – 10 km away from town. Actually it is a dam build by hand 800 years ago. Place that local love to swim and enjoy sunset. The middle of the lake, there is an island and west mebon temple to see.

Beatocello Concert & Jayavaman VII Hospital – A hospital, Founder and Director is a Swiss man, Dr. Beat Richner plays Bach on the cello and about activities of children’s hospitals (Jayavarman VII in Siem Reap, Kantha Bopha I and II in Phnom Penh) every Saturday at 7:15PM. Welcomes money and blood donations for children.

Shrine to Preah Ang Chek, Preah Ang Chorm and Shrine to Ya Tep – locals the most believe and respect shrine and believe in stories of power and indestructibility.

Wat Bo – 18th century highly respected pagoda. It contains unique wall paintings such as Chinese merchant, French officer at market and French soldier and traditional performance. Lots of Buddha statues.